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Samsung old S Voice assistant end 2020

Samsung old S Voice assistant end 2020: Probably not everyone remembers Samsung S Voice, the old Samsung voice assistant that in recent years has been practically replaced by Bixby and which, according to the latest information from South Korea, will be officially closed on June 1, 2020.
This is probably not surprising news, as the telephony giant has never exploited it significantly and for several years it has remained practically suspended, and then makes room for Bixby .

Samsung old S Voice assistant end 2020

S Voice will close on June 1st 2020
Recall that S Voice is not a virtual assistant capable of sustaining a sort of conversation as Bixby or Google Assistant do while it is able to perform a variety of activities in response to voice commands (you must first start the app and then give the commands desired, such as “Call Andrea” or “Remind me to call the doctor at 9”).


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